How to Determine Your Bracelet Size

For Bracelets

1. Using a measuring tape or strip of paper, measure your wrist below the wrist bone or where you usually wear your bracelets.

2. If you are using a strip of paper draw a line where the ends of the paper meet, then use a ruler to determine length, this is your wrist size.

3. Depending on how you like to wear your bracelets add the following to your wrist size:

1/4" - 1/2" for a snug fit

3/4" - 1" for a comfort fit

1-1/4" for a loose fit

4. Check the fit of the bracelet by adding the increments above to the strip of paper or measuring tape to see which fit is best for you. 


For Bangles

1. Close fingers together, bringing thumb and little finger together as though you are putting on a bangle.

2. To find circumference, measure the widest part of your closed hand with a measuring tape or strip of paper, marking where the ends meet then measure with a ruler. Make sure the measuring tape or paper is snug against your hand.

3. Choose the closest size to your measurement. If in between sizes, choose the larger of the two.